Interesting phone call the other day from a very distraught bride to be who called Bombshells after what was a busy weekend for us. Let’s call her Tash. From the moment I had answered the call I felt the shaking in Tash’s voice. “Hello” she said. “I was just wondering if any of your Bombshells did a lap dance for my fiancé on the weekend at his buck’s party as I’m worried and about to cancel our very expensive wedding!” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Wow” I thought. Can an innocent lap dance really be the straw that breaks the matrimonial back?

So, what is a lap dance? A lap dance can be described as either an innocent dance to excite and tease the paying client or a fully clothed rub-up. Traditionally, you can purchase a lap dance in strip clubs. Paying customers sit comfortably in a chair whilst a scantily clad female does a seductive booty dance directly in front of the customer for his visual enjoyment. The duration of a lap dance is generally around 2-3 songs long and can involve touching, however as a rule the customer is not allowed to touch unless instructed by the girl during the dance. The dancer will show you and lead your hands if she wants you to touch, however if you are to disobey and jump the gun, the bouncers will intervene, and you will probably be thrown out.

Innocent? In this modern age with all the social media and Instagram images we see all day every day seems innocent enough … for some. Needless to say, the bride to be has been blind-sided. See, Tash is under the impression that it is far worse to receive a lap dance from a clothed waitress, than have an XXX stripper perform a show. Seems the cat got let out of the bag and now there needs to be some serious sucking up by the groom.

Tash and I had a long chat about what’s involved in a lap dance. I reassured her it is strictly a paid service, where nothing untoward is involved and it’s very above board and common for the buck’s mates to purchase a lap dance for his last hoo-rah! After our long and friendly chat, Tash was relieved and decided not to cancel her lavish wedding, however after getting more information about the bucks’ night, I found it wasn’t a party the Bombshells were booked at after all.