What really gets your rocks off at a session with the lads? We know there are the food, booze and endless banter that keeps the vibes pumping, but adding an extra edge to your next key event could just be the cherry on top. We’re talking Bombshell’s stunning topless waitresses – the alluring finishing touch to your big night out with the boys.

Summer is still in full swing and with February marking a few huge dates on the calendar, there’s still plenty of time to kick things up a notch. Here are a few reasons why calling our girls round to yours will have your squad talking for months to come.

Topless fun on the water

Alright, the summer heat is still delivering the goods so take advantage of the rays and hit the water with our harbour cruise packages. Our to-die-for Bombshells will strut their stuff on the decks as you enjoy a day out like no other. Enjoy the eye-candy while you kick up the fun with the boys and experience all there is left to this incredible weather. And do we even need to mention the excitement of our exceptional vessels that make for the ultimate party destination?

NRL’s on the cards

Even though the summer weather may be coming to an end, that only means it’s the beginning of the NRL season. Get your tips in and your bets ready through the ultimate launch party, bringing our girls to really welcome in the first game. Or if you’re one to prepare for big dates in advance, mark down the Grand Final and lock in our Bombshells before they’re booked out (trust us, they will be). Who can say no to a blockbuster game and sexy stunners to match?

Bucks parties are still on the go

Okay, we know you’re probably still busy with all of those lad dates out on the town, taking your group out for one last night before the ‘Big Day’ rolls around.

Share the laughter, enjoy the alluring outfits on our girls, showing off more skin than you’ve ever seen before. Watch as the faces on your lads become another memorable part of history. Enjoy one-of-a-kind games and being served up cold frothies from our Bombshells as the night dances on until dawn.

See us in action at our official venues

You’ll see our Bombshells in all their glory at a number of local pubs and venues across your area. If you’re not looking to have one of our ladies come to you, head down to our locations to see what all the fuss is about.

View our official list of pubs here – we have a weekly calendar that keeps you and our girls on their toes. With 28 years of experience under our belts (or panties), we’ve got something special in store for you.