Accepted Payment Methods

Bank transfer, Invoice, VISA or Mastercard.

Where do your strippers perform?
When booking a Bombshells Showgirl, we help you with all the finer details for your event. Our Bombshells Showgirls are available to perform at almost any location you choose including city office blocks, harbour vessels, restaurants, hotels, private homes and even the odd construction sites! Please ensure that there is a clean, flat surface on which the Bombshells can perform. It is extremely difficult to dance on grass when wearing heels, so if you are having an outdoor party, please ensure that there is a concrete surface handy – it guarantees a better show for your guests. Bombshells – Simply the BEST!
It's winter, can we have the show or waitress in the backyard?
During the winter period it is extremely cold and uncomfortable for our lingerie waitresses, topless waitresses and strippers to work outdoors while scantily clad. So that the girls can provide you with a fun, efficient and friendly service, it is strongly preferred that you hold your event inside during the winter months if possible. While outdoor heaters do help, it is still bitterly cold, so please keep that in mind when planning your bucks party, birthday or special event.
How far in advance should I book?
The secret to any planning is the timing. We highly recommend getting in touch early with your requests. The sooner we can establish all the details for your event, and provide you with an optimum selection of hostesses, bikini waitresses, lingerie waitresses, topless waitresses, nude waitresses and strippers, the better. Like any industry, we too have our “peak” seasons and times. By booking your entertainment in advance, we are better equipped to provide you with a larger range of available waitresses and strippers. Keep in mind that August – March is our peak season, so we recommend that you try to give us at least 1-2 weeks’ notice where possible. The Bombshells are Australia’s most in demand strippers and are often booked out weeks in advance. We wouldn’t want you to miss out.
Why don’t you have as many strippers on your site as other agencies?
The Bombshells Agency is Sydney’s longest established adult entertainment agency with a reputation for excellence and professional service. Our web site is updated regularly so the girls who appear on our site reflect a true selection of girls who are in the industry today. We have a strong work ethic and our exceptional array is a testament of our current stunning Bombshells. We would never want to mislead you, our friends, and public that’s why we are a true and honest agency. Bombshells prefer to concentrate on top shelf quality, so we have handpicked a select group of stunning Bombshells that we think fulfil the Bombshell fantasy for our very important clients. Bombshells – excellence without compromise.
Do you take late bookings on the day or night of the show?
Absolutely. Late bookings are accepted; however, some particular requests may not be guaranteed such as desired time and show type due to availability and other bookings being made in advance. We strive to make every effort to accommodate, and we work with you to provide options of available times and services for you to select from, so you do not miss out.
What costumes can we choose from?
All of the Bombshells have a range of novelty costumes available including Nurse, Schoolgirl, Police Officer, Devil, Madam Lash, Cowgirl and many more. Please ask us if you have a particular fantasy.
Can we have a party in our hotel room?

Yes, we send the Bombshells Strippers and Topless Waitresses to most of Sydney’s well known and reputable hotels and accommodation regularly. Unfortunately, hotels do not encourage rowdy parties in their rooms, so we advise that you try to keep the noise to a minimum. Please be aware that if hotel management stop our performers during their show or your party is asked to leave the premises, no refund will be given.

When do we pay for our Bombshell?
Before the event, the booking details would have been established with our fantastic booking staff and all details would have been confirmed prior to the day of the event (in most cases). Balance payment details would also have been sent in a text message to the organiser, so it is clear, understood and available at a moment’s notice. The balance payment is made to the Bombshells stripper or waitress in cash on arrival. No bookings or shows will start or be performed without payment being made prior.
Are photos permitted?

STRICTLY NO PHOTOS POLICY. In an era where photos and social media are a big part of everyone’s lives and easily accessible, we insist that there be NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS on still cameras, mobile phones and video cameras whilst the Bombshells are performing.

Our strippers are more than happy to pose for photos at the start or end of each show however please respect the rights of our bombshells by NOT to be filmed or photographed while performing semi-nude – xrated shows at your event.

Please also ensure that your guests are fully aware of our policy prior to the show to avoid disruption to the performance. Performers reserve the right to leave, and no refund will be given if the show is terminated due to this rule being broken.

Can we request a certain stripper? Is she guaranteed to show up?
Yes, absolutely. Once your requested stripper/waitress has been booked and confirmed, she will be the Bombshell who arrives at your party, unless any unforeseen circumstances arise, in that case, we will always contact you and inform you prior to the show. Our constant communication process with our Bombshells means that we are able to confirm attendance and advise if any unforeseen delays.

If, however we have been informed that she cannot attend for any unforeseen reason, the client will be notified asap, and asked to select another Bombshell equal to their specific requirements to cover. We pride ourselves on our reputation of reliability, professional service and great communication.

Can I touch the Showgirl or Waitress?
Crowd participation can occur in almost every show. Touching the Showgirl is only strictly permitted when invited from the performer and strictly only as directed by that performer. Each dancer has a different level of comfort and we ask that you respect that. Only touching when directed by the performer. If our dancer feels uncomfortable or threatened in any way during her performance, she is within her right to terminate the show without refund. Slapping, throwing things, abusive language or disrespect towards our performers before, during, or after the performance is NEVER acceptable and if anyone is found to be doing these things, our Showgirl reserves the right to stop the performance and leave the booking straight away without refund or excuse. Same goes for our waitresses – whilst they are friendly and courteous, they are not to be touched, slapped, abused, or treated in any derogatory way.

The contact or organiser for the event is the “go to” person for any concerns. The crowd control is their responsibility and to keep them in order and address any issues that the Bombshells may have. If a situation arises and the controller has not addressed the situation in a favourable manner, then the Bombshells reserve the right to leave the booking without reason or refunds.

What time will my Showgirl and Waitress arrive?

All bookings are re-confirmed with our Showgirls and Waitresses on the day of the bookings/events with Bombshells Head Office. We touch base with each and every girl every morning who are working for us in events just to ensure that the booking and the details are still running on time and ALL details have been sent and confirmed with our girls.

Whilst we do our best to ensure that your Showgirl or Waitress arrives on time, sometimes things such as traffic, weather, or delays at a previous booking may affect the arrival time. We like to give our girls at least 15 minutes arrival prior times just to ensure that they are on time and dressed and ready to start at your booking start times.

For Showgirls we ask you to give us a window of at least 30 minutes for when your dancer can arrive. For eg: between 9-9.30pm. Your dancer will arrive at any time during your preferred time slot. Understand that on busy nights they are coming from another booking and can sometimes be delayed. If there has been a delay for some unforeseen reason, either the Bombshells Management or the Showgirl will phone you direct on approach to update you on her estimated time of arrival so keep your phone close by. We promise she will be worth the wait so, have another drink and let the anticipation build for your guests.

Do Bombells offer Sydney Strippers Experiences?

Yes! Our deliciusly sexy Bomshells offer the best strip shows you will find in Sydney.

Our Bombshells are the cream of the crop in Sydney and New South Wales. Each one brings something unique to your event that will make it truly unforgettable. With their beauty, charm and sophistication our Bombshells ensure you get nothing less than the best in entertainment.

Do Bombshells provide Topless Waitress for a Sydney bucks nights?

Absolutely! Our stunningly sexy and provokative Bombshells are bound the to be highlight of your bucks night. Our Bombshells can provide striptease, lingerie waitressing, topless hosting or bikini cash washes depending on your needs and event. We also offer x-rated shows for the more intimate bucks occasions.

Can I get lingerie watiresses for a Sydney event?

Yes! Our Bombshells can be your lingerie waitress for a range of occasions, including birthdays, bucks parties, corporate functions and more. We also offer private shows and custom packages upon request.

I can hire Bombshells as Bikini Watiresess for events?

Yes absolutely! Bombshells offers a selection of Bikini or Nude Waitresses for all occasions, including bikini cash washes or poker event. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing top-notch service throughout the event. Please contact our booking team to discuss further options available.

Can I hire a Bombell as a Promotional Model?

Absolutely! All of our Bombshells are stunning, professional and well spoken – perfect for your professional model requirements, to bring quality and class to your event.

Are Bombshells licensed to serve alcohol?

Yes, all of our Bombshells are appropriately licensed for Responsible Service of Alcohol and insured to ensure they provide the best service in a professional and legal manner. We take pride in providing only the highest quality entertainment for your event so you can be sure that you’re getting nothing but the best. If you have any questions or concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Where can I learn more about booking a Bombshell stripper or topless waitress?

Contact us for more information about how to book one of our Bombshells for your next occasion. Whether you’re looking for an exciting night or a sophisticated evening affair, we have something perfect just for you!

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