Terms and conditions

Strictly No Photos or Videos To Be Taken Of the Bombshells Whilst Working

Still cameras, mobile phones and video camera are not permitted while the Bombshells are performing. Our dancers are more than happy to pose for photos at the start and end of each show, however please respect the right of our dancers NOT to be filmed or photographed while performing semi nude – xrated shows at your event. Our dancers are normal people who have a family life outside of the dancing industry. Please ensure that your guests are aware of these rules prior to the show to avoid disruption to the performance. No refund will be given if the show is terminated due to this rule being broken.

No Physical Touching Policy Applies

Crowd participation occurs in almost every show. Touching the stripper is only permitted when invited from the performer and strictly only as directed by that performer. Each dancer has a different level of comfort and we ask that you respect that. If the dancer feels uncomfortable or threatened in any way during their performance, they are within their rights to terminate the show without refund. Slapping, throwing things or abusive language towards our performers is NEVER acceptable.

No Refunds Should You Decide To Cancel Or Change Your Mind
Strictly No Personal Information To Be Exchanged Between Client And Model
The Bombshell You Select Are The Bombshells Who Show Up On The Night

If for whatever reason a change needs to be made, you will be notified and asked to select an alternative.

Invoices Must Be Paid Prior To Booking
A Deposit Payment Is Required To Secure Your Booking

Payment is made to the dancer or waitress in cash on arrival at your party. No show will be performed without payment being made prior to the show or waitressing shift commences.

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