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Our Bombshell girls are the hottest Australian strippers and are willing to pull out all the stops to make certain your night is one for the history books. Whether it’s a tame topless striptease for the birthday boys rite of passage whose has just turned 18, or a full on raunchy vibe vibe double vibe performed by two gorgeous x-rated strippers which is bound to absolutely blow your mind, our sexy Bombshells strippers are certain to take a great night and make it become legendary as they are well equipped in knowing what guys like.

G String Strip Show

This tame and entertaining topless striptease is suitable for birthday parties and mixed crowds where one gorgeous showgirl strips down to a G String. A variety of novelty costumes are available to suit every event.

Show Length: 10mins Rated: M

R Rated Full Nude Strip Show

Looking for something sexy but still tasteful and just a little bit naughtier than a topless striptease? The full nude strip is a favourite for mixed crowds and work parties. It all comes off in this exciting show.

Show Length: 15mins Rated: R

Dominatrix Show

Know a mate that needs a good punishment? Show him who’s boss with this sexy dominatrix show! In this show the leather, latex, whips and chains will come out to play!

Show Length: 15mins Rated: R

Wet N Wild Bath Show

A raunchy full nude strip to get the boys all hot under the collar, and then a soapy bubble bath that’s wet and wild. Bring your sponges boys! A favourite for Bucks nights. One performer.

Show Length: 20mins Rated: R

Wet N Wild Bath Duo Show

Sometimes you just need a little help reaching those “hard to reach ” spots in the bath. So we double the fun with two gorgeous Bombshells in the bath together sponging each other down. Suitable for mixed parties and bucks nights with lots of funny crowd participation.

Show Length: 25-30mins Rated: R

Strawberries and Cream Show

It doesn’t get much better than this! Everyone’s favourite “dessert” show. An r-rated full nude strip definitely not for the weak at heart…

Show Length: 20mins Rated: R

Double R Rated Show

Two sexy Bombshells strippers getting nude together with a tame simulated duo. Suitable when you want two dancers together but don’t want to go over the top!

Show Length: 20mins Rated: R

Single X Rated Show

The heat is on, with this x-rated “boys only” style show. Perfect for bucks parties, this extended full nude strip with “toys” can only be explained as sizzling HOT! Featuring one gorgeous dancer.

Show Length: 20-25mins Rated: X

Duo X-rated Show

Double the fun, with two gorgeous girlfriends dancing together and taking it all off in a steamy full nude strip, then things really start to fire up when the toys are added to the mix. The Buck is the centre of attention with this show, so make sure he’s not shy!

Show Length: 30-35mins Rated: XX

Deluxe Duo X-rated Show

Premium girl on girl entertainment! Each showgirl will perform a r rated full nude strip show to warm the boys up and then the raunchiest grand images finale that you will ever see – sexy full on action with all the right tools.

Show Length: 50mins Rated: XX

Vibe Vibe Double Vibe

The ultimate Boys Night show! One hour of pure xxx adult entertainment. Each stunning stripper will perform a raunchy single x rated show, and conclude with a phenomenal duo x rated show guaranteed to leave your minds absolutely blown!

Show Length: 1hr Rated: XXX

Bubbles and Toys Duo Show

Watch these two hot bombshells get dirty with each other in a full blown images xxx rated lesbian toy show and then just when you thought the fun was imagesover, they sponge each other down in a warm bubble bath.

Show Length: 45mins Rated: XXX

The Bert & Ernie Puppet Show

Performed exclusively by Rikki, this hilariously sexy show is a favourite images for Bucks nights. An extended full nude strip with the funniest finale, this images is definitely a unique show that will add a touch of sex appeal and comedy images to your night.

Duration: 20mins Rated: R18+

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